About Us

     Quirky Baby is an online, eco-friendly, natural-minded, mom & baby boutique located in Mississippi. The company was started as a way for me do something I love and enjoy while being a stay-at-home mom to our 4 children. After the birth of my youngest, I developed a true love for cloth diapers, and I love sharing my love for it with others.  (Disclaimer: you do not have to be a cloth diapering parent to be here 😎) I also love naturally based and organic products. I consider myself to be semi-crunchy.

     Our goal is to bring you products that are organic or naturally based, eco-friendly and sustainable, practical, yet affordable. You won’t find these products in many, if any, big box stores.  We look forward to bringing you some of our favorite brands and products, and lots of new brands, as well!  We love to support small businesses, and we thank you for supporting ours. ❤️