Diaper Info & Care

OurModern Fit (OS) Pocket
~TPU Outer/ gray AWJ Inner
~3x4 rise setting
~Upper hip snaps (use is optional)
~Crossover/Dirty Diaper Closure snap
~Center Indicator Snap
~Large back pocket opening
~Wide curved tummy panel
~fits approx 10 lbs-40+ lbs
~ available in both regular and rolled elastics 
~Vibrant prints
~wide back elastic
Our Newborn AIO! AKA The Mini
~soft TPU outer/ gray AWJ inner
~2x4 rise system
~umbilical snap 
~hip snaps
~crossover/dirty diaper closure snaps
~tummy panel
~wide back elastic
~add’l pocket opening for adding add’l absorbency
~5- layer bamboo/hemp sewn in absorbency 
~rolled elastics for those delicate little baby thighs
~estimating to fit up to 20 lbs. 

The Luxe Fit pocket diaper 

our newest size to hit the QB lineup! 

it features….

~1.5 cm waist elastic,
~an elasticized pocket that’s still Pretty roomy,
~a large tummy panel

~gray AWJ interior AWJ

~3x4 rise setting 

-fits 15-60 lb 

~crossover/dirty closure snaps


IMPORTANT: Nobody wants a cloth diaper to leak. 99% of the time, leaks are due to fit, too long between changes or not enough absorbency. We all know babies come in all different shapes and sizes. So you might need to change more frequently at first to avoid any leaks.



Before First Use: Wash all diapers and inserts hot (140F/60C max) at least once before use, using a cloth diaper safe detergent. Wash new absorbency products hot with detergent 3-4 times to bring them to maximum absorbency. No drying is needed between washes & detergent is only really needed in the first wash.

Dirty Storage: Store in a dry pail.

Wash: Knock off/plop solids into the toilet. Cold pre-wash, no detergent. Wash hot with detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Line dry or tumble dry low. No bleach. No fabric softener. Only use cloth safe diaper rash creams (coconut oil, CJ’s Butter, Mama Earth, green tube butt paste)


 Tips: Quirky Baby recommends a minimum of 24-36 diapers to cloth diaper full time. Change your baby's diaper every 2-3 hours. We recommend washing every 2-4 days.