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Our New Pocket Diaper (beginning with Round 2)

Large Pocket Opening

Our new pocket diaper features a very breathable athletic wicking jersey inner lining. A large pocket opening with a cover flap makes for easy & effortless stuffing. Even double stuffing without fear of stretching the rear elastics.


The Quirky Baby pocket diaper features a 3x4 rise setting to accommodate babies weighing from as little as approximately 6 lbs to 33 lbs+. We have also included top hip snaps to prevent wing droopage. A center indication snap helps caregivers with ensuring they get the correct fit at every change. You can also snap an insert onto the snap if you wish. We also included crossover snaps/dirty diaper snap closure.

Wide Curved Tummy Panel

A wide curved tummy panel helps prevent moisture from wicking onto clothes and linen. Our tummy panel is a little wider than most, giving you a little more piece of mind. It’s great for tummy sleepers!