QB 5-Layer Custom AWJ Bamboo/Cotton-Hemp Inserts In-Stock

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These inserts are 2 layers of hemp/cotton sandwiched between 2 layers of soft bamboo Terry, and then topped on one side with an AWJ lining for that wonderful stay dry feel. They also feature a middle stabilizing stitch like our other inserts to help prevent the bacon effect.

inserts are 14 in x 5.25 in prior to prepping.  These inserts lose a little length after being prepped, but shouldn’t lose width  if they do, it’s very minimal  

~washing 4-5 times prior to use is recommended (drying in between is not necessary), but it could take several more washes to reach full absorbency 

~place insert AWJ side up when using in a diaper cover or in a pocket diaper on top of lining where the insert is directly against baby’s skin.  This allows them to get that stay dry feel. Insert can be used on either side if placed inside a pocket of a pocket diaper.