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Vegan French Diapering Crème (4 oz)- [CLICK FOR OPTIONS]

Vegan French Diapering Crème (4 oz)- [CLICK FOR OPTIONS]

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Uses: Gently cleanse and moisturize baby’s skin.

Directions: Pump the product in your cloth
wipes to clean baby, and leave a
layer to moisturize & protect
baby’s skin.

Ingredients: calcium hydroxide, distilled water, organic candelilla wax, natural shea butter, and organic extra-virgin olive oil.

Unscented is recommended for
babies under 3 months or with
sensitive skin.

May cause staining. If you do experience staining, try re-washing and sunning.


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Prep & Care Instructions

Pocket Diapers and Covers need to only be washed once to prep.

Inserts : wash 4-6 times to prep (no need to dry in between washing & you don’t have to use detergent in each wash). I recommend detergent in wash 1 & 4 if you’re doing 6 washes. Full absorbency will be reached after several more washes, but can be used once prepped. 

Diaper care:
*knock solids into toilet

*prewash on normal cycle with warm water, main wash on hot heavy duty cycle

*line dry or dry on low/medium heat setting in dryer

**do not use bleach, or fabric softeners, or petroleum based products

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